There are multiple big companies across the world such as Netflix, NASA, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Paypal, and Walmart use Node JS for their business applications. Now the question is why do these companies use Node JS? Well, let me tell you an interesting fact, Node JS is one of the best run-time environments which offers lightweight applications for businesses. In this article, we are going to discuss Node JS and its features. Let's dig into this to grasp some valuable information. 

What is Node JS?

Node.js is neither a Framework nor a library but a runtime environment that is useful to create real-time websites with push capabilities. It is composed of Google's V8 JavaScript engine. One of the main features of it is that it is open source which means it is free to use and constantly being improved by a global community of developers.

Some features of Node.js

  • Event-driven-  all APIs of the Node JS library is asynchronous which means a NodeJS-based server never waits for an API to return data.
  • Highly scalable- it uses a single-threaded model with event looping and this helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way
  • License- it is released under the MIT license.
  • Fast - execution of code is quite fast as it is already built on Google chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.
  • No buffering- data buffering is negligible as these applications simply output data in packets.

What are the different applications of Node.js?

1- Real-time chats 

real-time chats are widely used in social networks, commercial sites and little much on every website. Basically, its work is to transmit text, videos, images or audio messages from sender to receiver in real-time. These are basically based on Instant messaging (IM) or Internet Relay Chat (IRC) technologies. Also, they can facilitate both one-to-one and one-to-many group chats.

2- Single page applications

Nowadays single-page applications are pretty popular in web development as the whole application gets fit on a single page and provides its user an experience similar to a desktop application. These are widely getting used by social networking apps, project management tools, and much more. One of the best examples of it is Gmail.

3- Internet of things

In general Internet of things systems transmit data from devices such as (sensors, beacons, and any others which are embedded with electronics) to servers and then from server to applications that display to the user. NodeJs offers one of the most optimal solutions for developing public IoT systems or private IoT systems. 

4- Real-time Collaboration Tools

just like real-time chats, real-time collaboration tools also work on the same principle. As it enables multiple users to work on the same platform simultaneously. There is a wide range of collaboration tools that offer a bunch of software solutions and some of the prominent use cases are Trello (Project management) and Google Docs (collaborative editing documents).

5- Streaming Applications

One of the trending software programs is a streaming application. It is a type of on-demand software distribution and they differ from remote server apps in nature. You have to download certain parts of the application on-demand on the device, or you can stream them online with an internet connection. You can also watch them without connection by downloading them, the best example of this software is Netflix and you can build such applications with the help of Node JS.

Node.js is great for startups

Node.js is an ideal choice for startups due to following reasons-

1- Easy learning- one of the easiest languages to learn as once you mastered JavaScript and OOPs basic then you can start node.js 

2- Scalability- startups that are app-based generally use fast and lightweight applications that provide a real-time response so that they can scale later. Nodejs is a boon for them as it provides all such features which are helpful to scale business in the future. It also helps them to add more modules to existing ones. Various features are responsible for Node’s scalability.

3- Community- to enhance or accelerate the development speed its community has produced a number of tools and instruments. The ecosystem of the node package offers multiple libraries and reusable templates and also it is the world’s fastest-growing software registry.

4- Launch faster- developing software or applications is time taking and launching them takes even more time. In between developers have to iterate and do frequent tests which becomes frustrating for them. But with Node Js, developers can shorten the time-to-market cycle. It is also quite lightweight and the runtime of the JavaScrit environment reduces the application development time to allow more testing within shorter periods.

5- Low complexity- it is a difficult task to switch between front-end and back-end when different developers are handling these parts. What happens is the backend developer will submit his work to the frontend developer for feedback. If there were any kind of issues with the code then, the frontend developer would ask to fix it which is not a smooth procedure. But with Nodejs, you don't have to face such hassles as it supports both frontend and backend. 

Why do we use NodeJS?

Many big companies across the world use Node Js for their server-side application and the reasons behind its popularity are-

  • The execution time of Node JS is quite fast and it runs very fast in comparison to others. The reason behind its speed is that it is built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine.
  • Node JS also helps in reducing the loading time of audio and video because it has better synchronization of the codes between the client and server as it has the same base code.
  • It is quite helpful for developers and saves a lot of time as it has over 50 thousand bundles in the Node package manager and developers can import any of them at any time on the basis of their required functionality. 
  • It is quite useful in building real-time and data-intensive web applications as it does not wait for API to return data because it is totally asynchronous which means totally non-blocking.
  • For developers who are already proficient in JavaScript can easily work on the projects of NodeJS because it is an open-source and nothing but a JavaScript framework.


With the help of node.js, you can make powerful applications and big companies hire developers who are certified and have professionals in Node.js training. When we talk about the highest paying jobs then Node.js has maintained its place in that with reputation. Demand for certified node.js is increasing with a hike in the number of startups but the question is here from where you can get career-oriented and certified training because for that well-established institute is essential. If you are really looking for an institute then APTRON is the best Node.JS institute in Noida.